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Monday, March 28, 2005

Wow I'm slack

Or is it I'm just so freakin busy lately? March has flown by, and I haven't been able to make any solid posts here. I feel bad, like I'm wasting internet. It's like a gym membership I prepaid for (although this is free), and I look at it every other day and say "Ya know, I really should get back to blogging."

Well, I'd love to say that time is now, but I'm pretty sure it's not. I've been so busy with work and everything else I just haven't had the time (or quality topic) to spend here. So, I guess I could just summarize what has been going on.

Well, first off a got a new position at work. No clue what the title is, however I'm convinced it's something along the lines of "Do Everything MonkeyBoy." I have a "review" this week, although I'm pretty sure I won't get what I want out of it. I hate having a job with no historical data to reference as far as salary. So, for the past couple weeks I've been doing both my old job and my new one. So far I'm only a couple weeks behind (notice how I am a couple weeks behind AND I started this position a couple weeks ago??). I'm reminded (tongue in cheek of course) of the Jodie call:

We like it here, we love it here, we finally found a home.WHAT? A home...A WHAT?
A home away from home HUH!

but I digress....

My very good friend Evan got married, and he did it on one of the holiest days known to man - ACC Tourney weekend. UNC was playing at the same time as the wedding, so I was extremely unhappy about that. The sacrifices you make for friends. He got married in Va Beach and it was really nice. As a G-man, I can say we looked like a bunch of studs. The ceremony was really good, and thankfully nobody spoke up during the "or forever hold your peace" bit. The reception was a blast, and Ashley (my woman) convinced me to get on the dance floor (after several drinks). I managed not to step on her toes too much. Oh, I forgot to mention, I felt like death the entire weekend. I had so many drugs pumped through me.... I was just trying not to sneeze during the vows.

I also joined a rec league basketball team. We had our first game tonight and we won. Can't say I was much help, seeing how I played less than 2 minutes. I did touch the ball twice so I'm sure there is a statistical category for that.

UNC is in the final four, and I'm loving it. I'd really like them to win it all, it's been so long since I had a sports team of my liking to win. They have the team to do it, they just need to stop going on these scoring droughts.

Okay, I think I've babbled long enough. Maybe I'll get some time to put together my predictions for baseball or how to draft a fantasy team (my 2 drafts are this week).


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